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Yamuna Foundation For Blue Water - Welcome

Greetings from Blue Yamuna
A Foundation Dedicated to Turn the Yamuna Water Blue

Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water

Note: All Blue Yamuna team members are participating in the Yamuna Cleanup activities on their personal time and contributing their personal funds. Not a single volunteer of the Yamuna Foundation is receiving any compensation, rather they are paying towards the cause. They are conducting the activities in compliance with applicable regulations (US 18 U.S.C. ? 207 , 5 CFR ?2635, and others; India - IPC for Ethics) in their respective countries. They are dedicated To Turn the Yamuna Water Blue for the poor and needy who have no access to municipal or bottled water.

Charitable Contributions

If you would like to help us with your support and contribution to move forward aggressively towards the Yamuna cleanup effort, then please contact us and/or send your check out to: "Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water" and mail it to:

Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water
1496 Harwell Ave.
Crofton, Maryland 21114

Our email address is yamunariver at msn dot com if you have any questions. Please inform us if you have sent a donation.

In India, you can send your donations to:

Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water
Attn: Mr. D. K. Mital
8/503, East End Apartments
Mayur Vihar, Phase-I Extn. Delhi, INDIA 110096

Please remember, cash is not accepted. We thank you for your support.


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