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Yamuna Foundation For Blue Water Inc. - Welcome

Greetings From Blue Yamuna
A Foundation Dedicated To Turn the Yamuna Water Blue

Note: All Blue Yamuna team members are participating in the Yamuna Cleanup activities on their personal time and contributing their personal funds. Not a single volunteer of the Yamuna Foundation is receiving any compensation, rather they are paying towards the cause. They are conducting the activities in a ethically clean manner and in compliance with applicable regulations (US 18 U.S.C. 207 , 5 CFR 2635, and others; India - IPC for Ethics) in their respective countries. They are dedicated To Turn the Yamuna Water Blue for the poor and needy who have no access to municipal or bottled water.
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  Latest Updates

Yamuna Foundation Presents a Musical Evening (See Details) [.doc]

Yamuna Foundation For Blue Water Forums Up [.cgi]

Rivers of India to be Aired on TV

Environmental Treatment Technologies for Hazardous and Medical Wastes Book

Ganga Yamuna Conference Summary (July 25, 2002)

Summary of Activities For 2001

Ganga Yamuna Remediation Options & Strategies (Ganga-Yamuna) Conference

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Welcome To The Yamuna Foundation For Blue Water

Welcome to the the website of the Yamuna Foundation For Blue Water.  Our goal is to clean the pollution in the Yamuna River and create a better ecosystem in New Delhi, India.  For more information on the Yamuna Foundation, click here.  To contribute, click here.

Participate in the Yamuna Concert (The Second One)

You can help the Yamuna Foundation by purchasing a ticket to the Yamuna Concert.  This will be the second time we have a concert.  It is not known yet when we will have the concert, but it will be many months from now.  Contact the Yamuna Foundation chairman a few months later for more information.

If you are an instrumental musician who can play sitar or other melodious tunes, you are eligible to perform in the Yamuna Concert.  Be ready to type up a bio.  Click here for further information.

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We have changed the outline and layout of this website, so we figured that the visitors would need help navigating the website.  The most resourceful links currently are:

The links are always on the sidebar to the left of your screen.  At the forums, click the link back to the Yamuna Foundation For Blue Water main page to navigate with the sidebar again.