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Fri, 7 Jan 2005 05:48:37 +0000 (GMT)



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Re: Fw: Tsunami Relief Package


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Thanks Subi for your contribution...Although the devastation is massive, small gesture like this does help victims of disaster in a big way....!

I did get a ISD call 2 days back on my cell, and the number displayed was got cut after few rings...I wonder if you were trying from this number....I hope you have my cell number right..09891483850....

Hope things are fine at your end....

Best regards,

Venkatesh Dutta


Brij et al.:

With some effort I have arranged to send a small relief package (below) to Delhi. Mr. Mital will pick that up from Nikhil Mallampalli at the Oberoi hotel 011/2397-5464 on Jan 10 early afternoon and courier it to Diplu (033/2514-1043) at Kolkata. Ms. Justine Baruch from Denver CO (Ken Brakken's daughter's classmate/friend) is flying into Kolkata by Jan 11 to join the Blue Yamuna team and proceed by train to Nagapattinam.  We hope to provide at least 50 families with potable/safe drinking water for 7 days or so.  Partial restoration of their damaged homes and water supply is expected to be in place by that time.

Shravan: Please print this message and provide to Mr. Mital.

Venkatesh: I tried to call you but couldn't get through, please call Mr. Mital and Diplu and render any viable assistance.


Subijoy Dutta, P.E.,
1496 Harwell Ave.
Crofton, MD 21114-2108
Ph: 410-721-7706; Fax: 410-721-6265
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From: subijoy

To: nikhil mallampalli

Cc: diplu, hirok, blueyamuna team

Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2005 11:25 AM

Subject: Tsunami Relief Package

I have talked with Mr. D.K. Mital (Address/Phone below)
D.K. Mital, Ex-president, Lions Club Delhi Capital
A-16 (First Floor), Nizamuddin West,
New Delhi, India  110013
Ph: 2435-9519 (res), 98105--65485 (cell)

Mr. Mital said that the Oberoi hotel is very close to his house.  However, please call him when you get to Delhi and provide the package to him.
Content of the Package:


      9 Double Potable Aqua bottles, and 4 Single Potable Aqua Bottles containing Emergency Drinking water Germicidal Tablets.  50 Tablets in each bottle.

      One Check for the Tsunami Relief work to cover transportation/lodging of the Yamuna volunteers reaching the aid.

      A few Pens and Yellow stickies (two each)

      10 Toothpicks for inserting/removing the cotton pack from the bottles easily when taking the Tablets out for each use.

Me and a scores of other people appreciate your assistance in carrying these valuable materials for the Tsunami victims in mainly Nagapattinam area of .

Please "reply to all"  to acknowledge.

I'll physically deliver the package to you around 3:30 PM or so.